Broken pipe – Dura Semjaniv (May 2008)

Dura-vinjettWe have the sad duty to announce that the Swedish pipemaker Dura Semjaniv died on the 19s of January 2008. Dura was a founder member of our club and he will be deeply missed, not only as a skilful pipemaker but also as a very good friend. For many years he took part in the Chicagoland Int’l Pipe and Tobacciana Show, where he met many of his international friends and customers.

Dura was the initiator to the 7-days-set (seen below) which was made 2007 – 2008. As he had proposed the pipes in the set were donated by the pipemakers and the total profit went to the club.

When the set was ready in fall 2008 Dura was no longer among us. We are very sorry indeed that he was not allowed to see the set completed, but we are convinced that he had been very pleased with it.

Jan Andersson