Rökringar (Smoke Rings)

rr_logoRökringar was founded in 1992 and is a magazine for members of the Pipe Club of Sweden. It is published four times a year, in February, May, September and November. It contains articles about pipes, how to take care of your pipes, presentations of pipemakers, reviews of litterature about pipes and tobacco, tests of tobacco blends, letters from our readers and much more. It is richly illustrated all in color. You will also be informed about what is happening in pipe-clubs in other countries. Foreign members get an English summary with every issue.

Rökringar (Smoke Rings) no. 105 (May 2017)

rr 105

The pipe on the cover was made by Vollmer & Nilsson in Malmö. More beautiful pipes from these skillful pipemakers are shown in this issue.

We also have the honor to present a new Swedish pipemaker. His name is Lars Svahn and he is living on the island of Gotland. Lars has two times won our competition for amateur pipemakers, but now he has taken the step to sell his pipes on the Internet (www.svahnpipes.com). We tell you about him and show some of his pipes.

One of our local pipe-clubs has built a new, comfortable smokers’ lounge. We show pictures from it and from the grand inauguration.

We also show pictures and tell you about an old clay pipe, a caricature of the French king Louis Philippe, who reigned from 1830 until 1848.

The Danish Championship takes place in March every year and a review and some pictures are found in this issue.

We are sorry to tell you that the pipemaker Bjørn Thurmann passed away at the end of last year. He has been active in the pipe business all his life and, besides making pipes, he in his youth worked abroad for several years. Among others he worked for Dunhills in London and Iwan Ries in Chicago. In 2005 he moved from Copenhagen, where he had lived all his life, to a little village called Svaneke on the island of Bornholm. There he established a shop and a workshop in an 100 years old house. He himself called it a paradise and when we visited him, we found that it was no exaggeration. It is sad that Bjørn was not allowed to enjoy his paradise for much longer.

We also have an extract from an old Swedish detective story written in1924, some tobacco reviews, letters from our readers and a lot of other things.

An English Summary of the content is sent to all foreign members.


Rökringar (Smoke Rings) no. 104 (Feb. 2017)


omslag 104 k

In the last issue we told you about a visit to the MacBaren Tobacco Factory, situated in Svendborg, a town in the island of Funen. This factory was founded in 1826 by Svend Bønnelycke, but in 1876 it was sold to Harald Halberg and has been in the Halberg family ever since. This time we will concentrate on the long and interesting history of that factory, a history that also has been very dramatic.

While visiting the island of Funen and the MacBaren factory we also took the opportunity to visit a long-time friend and a prominent collector of pipes, Jonas Forss. Jonas is Swedish but has lived in Denmark for more than 35 years. We show you some pictures from his big collection of pipes.

Every year our club has a pipe auction, held in the workshop of Vollmer & Nilsson in Malmö. We tell you all about it and show some pictures from the event.

We also have the honor to show all contributions to our competition for amateur pipemakers.

The European Championship last year took place in Nitra in Slovakia. Two of our members took part in the competition and tell us all about it.

Another of our members, Johan Hedborg, has been to Liège in Belgium and joined a meeting in the local pipe-club there. We get a full report from that meeting.

We also have an extract from a pipe-smoking related book and some reviews about tobaccos.

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Rökringar (Smoke Rings) no. 103 (Nov. 2016)

rr-103This is the last issue of Rökringar in 2016, the year when our club celebrated its 25-years-anniversary. In the earlier issues this year, we have told about what has happened during all those years and the final part is found here. We have had the privilege to have some very colorful personalities in our club and this time we tell you about a few of them, members who unfortunately now have passed away. One of them is of course the pipemaker Bo Nordh.

Today the majority of all pipe tobacco is produced in Denmark, in fact as much as 80% globally. The center for this production is the island of Funen, where two big factories are situated. Earlier we have told about Orlik Tobacco Company (owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group) and this time we have visited the MacBaren factory. MacBaren is a family owned company and the fifth generation of the Halberg family is now leading the company.

For a new pipemaker it is always hard to decide how much to take for his or her pipes. One of our young pipemakers, Mathias Lundell, is speculation about. If you sell your pipes too cheap in the beginning it is hard later to raise the prices, and if you take too much you will not sell any pipes. A hard decision to take. We also show some of Mathias’ pipes.

As you probably know, the Stanwell pipes nowadays are made in Italy. But they have a headquarter in Assens in the island of Funen and we have visited that. The final inspection of the pipes, polishing and distribution are made from there. This was our first meeting with Hans Greibe Hansen, the new managing director of Stanwell, who got the job about a year ago. We show you pictures of the Pipe of the Year 2017, designed by Poul Winsløw and some other beautiful pipes.

Growing and blending tobacco is not very common in our country, but a man called Mikael Johansson has been very successful about that. We tell you about that and show some pictures from his growing.

The Danish Pipeshop has moved into new, much larger premises. The new shop is situated just a few hundred meters away from Rådhusplatsen, the very center of Copenhagen. The inauguration took place on the 1st of October and a lot of people from all over the world took part in it. What the visitors saw was a fantastic shop, a real dream for a pipesmoker. And it was long ago that we saw so many pipemakers gathered in the same place. We have a lot of pictures from that event.

Our pipe making contest for amateurs is now over and the winner has been elected. His name is Lars Svahn and the winning pipe is shown on the cover. We will bring more pictures of the winning pipes and of the other contributions to the competition in the next issue.

We also have extracts from some old detective stories in which pipesmoking plays a significant part, pictures of a very special pipe made in 1914, reviews of tobaccos and much more.

An English Summary of the content is sent to all foreign members.