The Globe (Feb. 2007)

Globe-vinjettWe all have dreams. Some will come true immediately, some take a lot of time and others will never be fulfilled. I was dabbling a little in pipe-making in the 90s and during that time, I had a dream – I wanted to make a completely bowl-shaped pipe with a thin shank and a short stem. In spite of many attempts I never succeeded. But if I could not fulfil this dream, perhaps somebody else could do it for me. So I asked Anders and Martin, who accepted the challenge with a great enthusiasm.A thrilling period started and I think this pipe became one of the most well documented pipe ever made. Anders and Martin sent me pictures of every step in the process and when the pipe was finished, I had got more than 100 pictures. You can imagine that it was an exciting day when I could go to Malmö to pick it up, and to say that I was pleased with it is an understatement. However, Anders and Martin gave me a task: “You have to find a name for that shape”, they said. My wife helped me there, and it was christened The Globe.

Below are some pictures from the making of the pipe.